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paranormal, ESP, PSI, telekinesis, telepathy, synesthesia, psychokinesis


paranormal, ESP, PSI, telekinesis, telepathy, synesthesia, psychokinesis

WILD TALENTS Melvin D. Saunders

........Among the many areas Charles Fort covered in his years of research was the unusual subject of Wild Talents. Oftentimes, extraordinary human capabilities have been explained as being the result of some unique genetic combination. Regardless of hereditary contributions though, most such abilities can be learned through the proper training. For instance, since Fort's time, yogic talents like piercing the skin with needles and knives or firewalking have all been replicated by many Westerners. When the New Age lecturer, Jack Schwarz, was studied by Elmer Green at the Menninger Foundation, Green filmed Jack sticking a dirty sailor's needle through his bicep without his suffering any pain, infection or bleeding. Schwarz acquired his mind over matter ability through years of mental discipline and practice. Two decades ago, Tolly Burkan not only cured himself of cancer (read his extraordinary book, Dying To Live) through mental discipline, but he demonstrated to the West how firewalking could be accomplished by anybody. Today, workshops by many such instructors have allowed thousands in the U.S. to walk over burning how coals stoked to over 1200F with no ill effects at all! In fact, the mastery of such a feat leaves a firewalker with a brand new feeling of self-worth and self-esteem.

........Some extraordinary people have exhibited certain magnetic and electrical properties. For instance, the 14-year old Soviet student, Inga Gaiduchenko, has been likened to a human magnet. Not long ago, she demonstrated to specialists at the Moscow Technological Institute that pens, china, spoons, books and other objects can adhere to her hands, just as if she was a magnet for non-metallic items. Pauline Shaw, a housewife of Manchester, England, has so much electrostatic energy in her that she routinely blows out home appliances with a single touch!

........Other people have exhibited microscopic or telescopic eyes. In the 30's, Alvah Mason, an electrician in Minot, ME, could distinguish the names of phonograph records just by studying their grooves. More recently, Arthur Lintgen of Philadelphia, was even tested by the Amazing Randi, and it was found that he could do the same thing. He could identify any classical music known to him by just looking at the grooves on the phonograph record. Veronica Seider, a West German dentist, can identify people at more than a mile away or she can see so close that she can distinguish the individual dots on a color TV screen that make up the picture!

........Organoleptic analysts (food sniffers) for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration smell and test food for spoilage from dog food to fish. Helen Keller could identify friends as they entered a room from their scent alone. Tea tasters submit quality reports to the U.S.D.A. on about 500 teas a week. Vintners can discern and savor the subtle nuances of different fine wines. The tiny 6-dot matrices or "cells" that constitute braille are discernible as a touch language to the blind. Some musicians with perfect pitch can play or transcribe onto paper a concerto after only one hearing of it. Other people can hear a foreign language for the first time and be able to recite verbatim even days later the exact statements made in that language.

........Some people are human calculators, speed readers or even natural mnemonists. Shakuntala Devi, the human computer, can mentally multiply two 13-digit figures in 28 seconds. The Russian mnemonist, Shereshevskii, forgets nothing that he hears or sees and employs synesthesia (a blending of the senses) to accomplish it. In 1937, George Koltanowski set a blindfold chess playing record by playing 34 mental games simultaneously -- winning 24, drawing 10 and losing none! James A. Garfield (U.S. 20th President) could write Latin with his right hand and Greek with his left hand simultaneously! Harry Kahne was a vaudeville showman that wrote mirror images with one hand and forward writing with his other hand while dividing a long division problem in his mind, adding a multiple column of figures and talking to the audience -- all simultaneously!

........The physically and mentally handicapped often perform extraordinary feats that they learn through persistent practice. So why are physically and mentally whole individuals not utilizing more of their potential? Studies of elderly peasants and natives living in primitive jungle conditions of the world have shown that Alzheimer's disease and senility with accompanying memory and hearing losses are virtually nonexistent. Does this mean that modern living contributes to these ailments because it creates little demand for better brain utilization, like in situations of jungle survival?!

........With so many extraordinary talents exhibited over the years, what is modern man or woman like today? An average city person is a frail, forgetful, self-conscious, fearful individual that easily lashes out in gut response and strifeful discord. As a consequence, human error increases, human-guided machinery goes awry, people are mistakenly killed and the planet has become a cesspool of unnecessary pollution. Basically, modern men and women are little more than mental vegetables in comparison to what they could be. This is some progress over our primitive ancestors, isn't it?

........What is the solution to this human tragedy? In the future, Mental Training Schools could offer what is totally omitted in current educational facilities. Training in memory techniques could make extraordinary memories commonplace. Classes could be offered in emotional control, creative thinking, total sensory awareness, dream control, ambidexterity, "instant" calculating, autonomic function control, speed reading and time distortion techniques. Students from such classes would be more able to adequately deal with everyday problems. Graduates would have little need or dependence on alcohol, nicotine or narcotics. With knowledge currently doubling every 2 years, such advanced training could more easily prepare students to assimilate and effectively utilize such information. Human error would be drastically reduced and emotional control would save thousands of lives. Can the world population afford such a continual waste of human potential? The mental training techniques available must be implemented to prevent a further decline of human potential. Wild talents could become ordinary abilities for the future man or woman.

......A new training manual with over two hundred mental exercises has recently become available for those willing to improve themselves. It is entitled, The 100% Brain Course, and it shows you how to train yourself to do extraordinary things like those mentioned in this article and much, much more. If you have any interest in The 100% Brain Course, please write for details: Creative Alternatives, P.O. Box 250, Palmdale, FL 33944 USA

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paranormal, ESP, PSI, telekinesis, telepathy, synesthesia, psychokinesis
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To Summarize:  Every intelligent man or woman knows that THEY are the ones that create whatever wealth reality they want in life.  paranormal, ESP, PSI, telekinesis, telepathy, synesthesia, psychokinesis. paranormal, ESP, PSI, telekinesis, telepathy, synesthesia, psychokinesis  Charles Fort used to catalog wild talents of his day, as do forteans today.  Oftentimes, extraordinary abilities have been explained as being the result of some unique genes." paranormal, ESP, PSI, telekinesis, telepathy, synesthesia, psychokinesis, firewalking, speed reading, lightning calculating, blindfold chess, seeing auras  paranormal, ESP, PSI, telekinesis, telepathy, synesthesia, psychokinesis We are wondrous and powerful magnets, therefore our magnetic power hinges upon our use of thought.  paranormal, ESP, PSI, telekinesis, telepathy, synesthesia, psychokinesis.  As we give conscious thought to what we want, the magnetics reach out into the Universe to find other thoughts that are like it.    paranormal, ESP, PSI, telekinesis, telepathy, synesthesia, psychokinesis There's no mystery about the key to wealth. wealth management, prosperity, abundance, wealth synchronicity, serendipity, personal power, creativity. paranormal, ESP, PSI, telekinesis, telepathy, synesthesia, psychokinesis chi energy, subliminal messages, self hypnosis, serendipity, organic gardening, lucid dreaming, critical thinking, Tesla, human resources, dowsing, learning styles, self healing, skycar, magnetic therapy, biodynamic farming, ambidexterity, left handed.

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